Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Warheads: Hiding in Plain Sight

Listeners to This is Lounge, plus numerous Mixcloud Chillout mixes, will no doubt be familiar with the band, The Warheads. But little is known about this artist who remains hidden behind his/they're intelligent soundscapes. 

A Google search will quickly bring up a thrash metal band of the same name, including a Facebook page. Numerous releases appear for sale in iTunes, but it appears that Soundcloud is the favoured site by the band. Links shown include a page of "Projects", a dance video that used one of their songs, and a Tumblr page. There doesn't even appear to be any clue as to their nationality, although a couple of early recordings (Funk N' Gandhi, The School Teacher) have many East Indian tones and influences.

Like other artists hiding behind their name (Daft Punk, The Residents), The Warheads will continue to produce it's glorious compositions hidden in the plain sight of cyberspace.

Of course, this is all to make mention of some new music released within the last 24 hours of this post. Not really an album, but a collection of songs based around the age-old question, "Why be....?"

A collection of 5 songs (three of which are now on the This is Lounge playlist), all asking different questions. They also are all 5:00 minutes in length, which could confirm that they are samples of more extended pieces. Whatever the case, they stand alone as separate tracks, blending in nicely with the vibe of the station.

Not only are they available for streaming, but the band has made all the tracks available for free download. Enjoy.

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