Friday, March 11, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 12 March 2016

Well, Spring is fast approaching here in my part of the world. Today's forecast is for sunny 17C!!!! 
Anyone for cappuccinos on a café patio?

Of course, this lovely weather puts everyone in a great mood, and tuning in to This is Lounge for all or part of your day just makes it all worthwhile. Whether at home or the office, or in a shop or café, our romantic mix is the perfect soundtrack to Spring Fever.

First, I'd like to give a warm shoutout to everyone who placed their vote on the website! It's nice to see what everyone likes to hear. So keep coming back. Invite your friends. The more votes, the merrier, and hang around and check out some of the other goodies.

That being said, let me announce the new number one this week is Jill Barber's Sukiyaki! Pushing Michael e out of number two is Angelika Vee's remixed cover of Hello. Peter Pearson's wonderful soundtrack to a sunset, As Twilight Falls, comes in at number four, followed by the big jump to number five by Corrado Saija.

Phigroa & ArnoB sneak up with Cologne, and the Indian jazz collaboration of Sanjay Chitale and Sandeep Chowta make the leap from Bubbling Under, as Anu makes it's debut in the Top Ten this week.

Speaking of Bubbling Under, last week's entry from Jjos is creating a buzz with his cover of Olive's classic, You're Not Alone, and with the release of Lapsley's new album, Long Way Home, last week, her song Cliff was chosen to take a place in the playlist, enough to register on Bubbling Under.

By the way, if your a fan, she's playing Cologne, Germany on March 21 and Berlin on the 22. Toronto fans will enjoy an intimate performance at The Mod Club on May 3.

Lastly, thanks to everyone supporting these artists and the others on the station. Maybe one day everyone can afford to quit their day jobs to be creative.  Peace.

Bubbling Under

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  1. Thanks so much the support,James:-) Arno & I really appreciate it,