Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 26 March 2016

Firstly, it is with great sympathy that our hearts go out to the city of Brussels, as they mourn a tragedy mirrored in Paris. Sadly, it appears that Europe has become a target. One can only hope that this despair will stop. In the meantime, we wish them well.

As the world mourns, we loungers take solace in the freedom of our music. Try to find an inner peace, flushing out hatred and violence from our minds. We live as one, no matter the nationality or color of our skin. Music is our one similarity. Enjoy.

The solace of Mr. Peter Pearson's As Twilight Falls, has made it's way to number one this week - a wonderfully peaceful track. Phigroa & ArnoB continue to rise, settling in at the number three position. We say goodbye to Rob Tardik from the Top Ten this week, as he slips below the last position, making room for Jjos to make the jump from Bubbling Under. 

New Releases in the Jazz world this week includes the new one from Chris Standring. Entitled Ten, coincidentally his tenth album release, it's another oustanding work from the Smooth Jazz guitarist. We here at This is Lounge have chosen his free-spirited Magic Carpet Ride to join the playlist. I hope you'll agree that we made a good choice.

Mode & Light, a Soundcloud find based in Mexico, are getting some raised eyebrows around the station with they're cover of the French band, Air's, Highschool Lover. Battling for airplay time, Lapsley wraps us in glorious dream pop with Cliff, and Toronto's Spookyfish appear to be finally getting some recognition and approval from listeners. I would think a move for them should be forthcoming. 

Lastly, a heartfelt thanks for supporting the artists and the station. Be sure to use the links to help guide you to your purchase. Also, I continure to urge you to visit the station website at and vote for your favourite Top Ten track.

Bubbling Under

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