Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Top Ten - week ending 22 April 2017

Saturday has returned. I'm so glad that you have, too!

As the Spring weather continues to immerse itself in our lives, lets take some time out of our Spring cleaning and home improvement projects to remove some of that stress.

It's been a busy week, and it plans to be a busy weekend. But some personal meditation time to chill our chakras will go a long way.

Congrats to Phigroa this week! His wonderful Distant Voices has been a fave around the station as well as with you, the listeners. (keep your votes comin' in, folks!)

Diana Krall's Night and Day climbs in the second, ahead of Riccardo Eberspacher's Luna Calante. A very wonderful triumvirate of tracks. It only goes to show that you all have wonderful taste! 

As The Thieves drop down, Blank & Jones and SAMBOX move up. As you know, this chart is constantly in flux as your votes (and ours here) constantly change the order, not to mention the rotation times, on a weekly basis.

We finally move Mo'jardo into the group, as he makes the move from Bubbling Under.  Speaking of Bubbling Under, I have no new tunes here. It's been a busy week, with no time to seek out some new music. But don't despair, as there are lots of fresh tracks here to keep your ears busy. Should have something new for next week. Stay tuned.

Thanks for all the support, for the station and the artists. Love to see your Comments. Keep listening, keep cool. Have a great weekend!


  1. I want to thank all the folks who voted for me,TY!
    I also what to thank ,James Imrie, for his time and effort creating "The Top Ten". Thanks so much!! :-)) #phigroa

  2. You are most welcome, my friend. Keep creating, and we'll all keep supporting!