Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Top Ten - week ending 15 April 2017

Welcome my fellow loungers!

I'm a little slow in posting the Top Ten today. So much to do on Saturday (especially Easter Weekend) that scheduling the usual gets moved around in the day. The weather here this weekend has been gorgeous, so my time here in front of the computer screen is going to be quick.

As I write this, the Cocktail Nation sneak preview should be playing. But as I turned on the station, I realized that it wasn't on. Mmmmm....a technical glitch no doubt. Fear not, for all you Koop Kooper fans, I will have the show up here in it's entirety tomorrow.

A few changes in the rankings this week - Thievery Corporation, featuring Shana Halligan (ex-Bitter:Sweet) moves into the top spot with the heartbreaking Love Has No Heart. Phigroa's chilled jazz tune, Distant Voices, moves in behind to second, ahead of Canada's jazz songstress, Diana Krall, and Night and Day from her new release. 

Blank & Jones make a nice leapfrog up to number six, with Let's Turn On from the new Lemongrass album right behind. Loads of new wonderful chillout to accompany the Spring weather!

A welcome return to the Top Ten from SAMBOX, with his Jasmin Sambac. Glad to hear some new music some Samuel.

Finally, bubbling under this past week has been a wonderful new Lemongrassmusic release from Mo'jardo, called The Way She Moves. 

Please check out all these new releases and the albums from which they come. There is so much wonderful talent out there, you make us all proud by supporting them and the station. Follow the links provided below as a starting point. From Bandcamp to iTunes, there are any number of legitimate outlets to download from.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a BBQ that needs tending......

Stay chilled.

Bubbling Under

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