Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Top Ten - week ending 8 April 2017

Welcome to Saturday!

The weekend is finally upon us once again, and we are ready for it. The last blasts of winter finally are dwindling away, and the yoyo effect of the weather settles down with some warmer temperatures, and we all breathe a big sigh and welcome basking in some warm sunshine again.

Spring has also seen the release of some great new music. After hibernating away in the studio all winter, the fruits of those labours are finally seeing the light of day. From Lemongrass to Blank & Jones, Phigroa to Sambox..... It's exciting to hear some beautiful new sounds.

Speaking of Lemongrass, they made the leap into the Top Ten this week from Bubbling Under with a new track, Let's Turn On. Mirage of Deep continue to remain in the Top Ten with Romantic Fields,

Congrats to Peter Pearson, as Love Me Once Again moves into number one, followed by the Theivery Corporation, and jazz/chill guitarist Phigroa coming in at number three.

Shoutout to Sambox on his latest release. Perfectly titled Freedom World, and inspired by the varied vibes of foreign cultures and the World music scene, coupled with his usual Gallo-Romance chill, I can surely envision DJ Ravin or Jose Padilla incorporating some of this collection into future Buddha Bar mixes. Top notch, Samuel! I should also mention that I hear an underlying cry for peace here, as the artist inspires the listener to embrace other cultures, not fear or despise them. This multicultural integration of music is a way of the future, as artists interact and are inspired by the sounds from around the world. Stan Getz knew this back in 1962 when he brought Brazilian bossa nova to America and the world with The Girl From Ipanema. It changed the jazz scene forever. Today, artists like Bebel Gilberto and Eliane Elias are popular worldwide directly from the Ground Zero point when Stan Getz met Antonio Carlos Jobim

As a bonus this week, scroll down and check out a sampling of Freedom World with this wonderful trailer.

We here at This is Lounge have chosen Jasmin Sambac, which begins to bubble under this week.

Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to support Sambox and Phigroa and Riccardo Eberspacher, and all the Top Ten and This is Lounge artists. Download from iTunes, or the artist's Bandcamp page directly. Hey! Guitar strings don't grow on trees!!! 

Stay chilled.

Bubbling Under

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