Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Top Ten - week ending 29 April 2017

Welcome back, my fellow loungers, to the coolest mix of indie and commercial, jazz and chill, and a warm beach house vibe.

If you scroll down to my previous post, you are now well aware that you can access This is Lounge via the Radio Garden link. It zooms in and pinpoints, like a GPS, where our signal is emanating from - now you know!

Our Top Ten this week has shifted around a little as we end the month of April. You can't keep a good woman down, and Diana Krall can only go up - to number one! Yes, this week she dukes it out with Phigroa for top contender, and she's come out ahead. Riccardo Eberspacher sits tight at number three, with Blank & Jones chilling under at number four.

Shoutout to Michael Maretimo for turning me on to some wonderful Manifold Records releases. His collaboration with the smooth sax of Vladi Strecker on The Midnight Hour leaps into the Top Ten this week at number nine. A very sexy number, indeed, my friend!

Not any less a track, Sugar and Spice from labelmate Jazzy James Jr. is bubbling under with a similar smooth groove. Check out DJ Maretimo's cool mixes, posted in various Chillout Facebook groups.

Also bubbling under, is another new track from The Warheads. These guys continue to pump out their brand of jazz noir almost weekly. Stay tuned for Little Flower.

One half of Kant Sleep & Chaotix, (well just Chaotix) has a short but very sweet track called The Shift. At under two minutes long, you better pay attention - it will come and go before you know it. 

Again, thanks for all of your support, and your Comments posted on the website are humbling. Thanks to Kostas, John, and Anthony for your kind words. I truly appreciate you spreading the gospel of chill, according to This is Lounge

Don't forget to click on the links for download/purchase information on any of these artists. There's more links on the website for most of the musicians that we play on the station.

Stay chilled, and have a great weekend!

Bubbling Under

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