Friday, January 1, 2016

Guido's Lounge Cafe: A New Year, A New Milestone

It is very fitting that my friend's, Guido's Lounge Cafe, should hit his 200th show at the beginning of the new year. This man has made many friends (including myself) over the course of compiling these mixes. He tirelessly continues to bring his creative endeavours to over 6000 faithful followers around the world. This genre of music is gaining in popularity thanks to people like Guido.

It is with great pleasure that I share this special 2-hour 200th show with my This is Lounge followers. What makes this very special is the "tributes" paid to some of his followers and the music they have "Shared" in Guido's Lounge Cafe, The Facebook Group. This man's heart knows no bounds.

Thanks you, Guido for your peace and love, and doing your part in helping us chill in a world that is sometimes crazy.

This broadcast is a kinda special... number 200 ... it's magical :)
I wanted to give this broadcast a twist with the way I used to do my older mixes.. using lovely drops by friends of Guido's Lounge cafe.
This is a set of 2 hours.. 
Happy New Year my friends!!
The drops:
04:33 Florzinho - Germany
13:44 Gmlab - the Netherlands
15:49 Bruce Buege - US
19:31 Suki Ligier - Coventry, UK
22:45 Compilation of friends and listeners
34:42 Duna Radio - Zambujeira do Mar
42:51 DJ Mark Villain - Canada
49:36 Jason Hayward - UK
73:15 Mark Jeffries -Birmingham UK
79:24 Patricia Leidig - Germany
82:39 Johan Livens - Belgium
95:59 Donald Isaac Jr. - US
107:37 Vitty Masciale - Praag
112:28 Marcelo Soares - Curitiba, Brazil
117:03 Rosario Mendonça - Portugal
For download go to:
The download will hold up for 2 week only!!!

follow the tracklist in real time, it's time-stamped...
Kind regards

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