Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 2 January 2015


I hope everyone has recovered from the celebrations. Here's hoping that 2016 brings peace and prosperity, hope and friendship. As Mr. Lennon wrote, "Imagine....."

A big shoutout to Guido of Guido's Lounge Cafe. If you haven't heard his 200th broadcast, scroll down for my share of his Mixcloud upload. If you are quick enough, you can even download it if you like. Anyway, congratulations Guido. I look forward to more wonderful mixes.

On to the chart now, we see that St. Germain has been wrestled from the top as the Italians, Daniela Nardi and Matteo Brancaleoni move into the top two positions. Bravo! German pianist, Marijan, slides in behind at Number Three, vacated by Mr. Alpert.

No one leaves the chart this week as the reshuffling moves newcomers Christophe Goze and the 
Quiet Nights Lounge up, and Lana Del Rey and SAMBOX down.

Congrats again to Micahel e for being on top of our Top Tracks of 2015. In honour of that, I thought it nice to revisit that new album and add another track to the New Releases playlist. So this week, his song, With Each Passing Moment (Guitar Mix) begins to bubble under. I'm sure you will enjoy it

Stay tuned to the station for two of those new releases from The Warheads, as mentioned in a posting below. They, too, shall be bubbling under very shortly.

Thanks for supporting the artists and the station. (I hope you gave someone the "Gift of Music" for Christmas.) It helps to keep the music coming.

Bubbling Under

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