Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 16 January 2016

Welcome back, my fellow loungers!

As the Winter chill continues around the Northern Hemisphere, it's comforting to know that we can cocoon ourselves indoors, and perhaps relax by a fireplace, and enjoy the sounds of jazz and chill.

I'm sure many of you have escaped (or are planning to escape) to Southern climates for a warm and sunny vacation, as the Caribbean, Mexico, and South and Central America are into their high tourist season right now....and it's summer in Australia!

But wherever you are, you can still tune in via wi-fi to the relaxing sounds of This is Lounge.

Now, on to the Top Ten! This week shows some major changes, as we see Marijan hit number one. Drake's novelty hit has been covered and parodied around the world, as he battles with Adele for worldwide chart supremacy. But here, the song, in it's laid-back form, is in a class by itself.

Christophe Goze's breezy track, The Nightly, follows in behind Marijan to take the number two position, as Senza fine drops to number three.

Jill Barber's cover of Sukiyaki, and Smooth Jazz guitarist Rob Tardik's Eros move up the charts, gaining ground and making room to accommodate two new Bubbling Under artists. We see another track from Michael e's latest, and chillout composer Clive Button joins the Top Ten with his beautiful Starburst.

Speaking of Bubbling Under, we've been holding back on three tracks due to the Christmas season. Not wanting to get lost in all the joyous Christmas songs, they have premiered this week on the station.

Diana Krall & Sarah McLachlan duet on a cover of the Gordon Lightfoot classic, If You Could Read My Mind. A well matched pairing for these two, taken from a deluxe edition of Diana's Wallflower album. Having done Christmas Time is Here a few years ago, it's nice to see them joining forces once again. 

This week, we also pull from the Smooth Jazz charts for  tracks from the latest Pieces Of A Dream and Fourplay albums. Tune in for these welcome additions.

Mmmm....seems like there's an unintentional number of Smooth Jazz tracks this week. Enjoy.

Thanks for listening, and supporting the artists through your favourite digital retailer. 

I would also be amiss without offering my condolences to the world for the tragic loss of David Bowie. As the world continues to mourn his loss (and taking his latest Blackstar album to the top of the charts), I am reminded of a long forgotten fun, lounge cover of a Italian classic, taken from the soundtrack of the 1986 film, Absolute Beginners. I've already posted this on Facebook, but I would like to add the link here as well. In honour of David, the song is also being added to the This is Lounge playlist. It's too much fun to ignore! So after the chart below, check out the video for the Grammy-winning song, Volare by David Bowie. (NOTE:  Unfortunately, the embedding feature has been disabled, so click on the link to follow through to YouTube.)

Bubbling Under

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