Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 23 January 2016

Happy Saturday, my fellow loungers! Thanks for checking in this week. As a huge winter storm pummels the Eastern U.S. with 30-60 cm. of snow, let me suggest to any listeners in that part of the country - relax and listen to This is Lounge while you're out there shovelling. It will help to keep that frustration level down.

First, I would also like to give a big shoutout to Matthew Smith of Birth of The Fool. Thank you for "turning on the Download switch" on your Soundcloud page for many wonderful tracks. Included are two very new tracks that he's uploaded, which are very special, and are Bubbling Under this week. Thanks Matthew for your generosity. Note to everyone: please seek his music out on iTunes, as well as Soundcloud, for some great sounds.

I would also like to thank Jack from The Warheads. I really appreciate and welcome the music you are sharing. Some of it is already playing on the station! From the looks of it, you are consistently writing and recording beautiful music on an almost daily basis! Keep up the great work, my friend! Thank you.

Now, on to the chart this week.....

The Nightly flies into number one this week, knocking Hotline Bling down a few positions. Canadians Rob Tardik and Jill Barber continue to rise, along with Soundcloud-find, Quiet Nights Lounge, who sneaks in behind Christophe Goze.

Classic chill artists Michael e and Clive Button continue to enjoy well-earned positions with their beautiful soundscapes. I hope they "take you on a journey", as my friend Guido Van Der Meulen would say.

Making the jump this week from Bubbling Under, Pieces Of A Dream's smooth jazz, Dream On, comes in at number ten.

Speaking of Bubbling Under, and as mentioned above, two new tracks from Birth of The Fool come onboard this week. We couldn't decide on just one, so both tracks are up and playing. I'm sure that you are enjoying them as much we are here at the station.

Also, I have to thank my friend Guido for the other new track this week, culled from a recent Guido's Lounge Cafe show.  I was really taken by this cover and remix of Adele's recent chart-topping hit,  Hello. Thanks Guido for turning me on to that. 

As usual, please continue to support these and all the artists on the station through your favourite digital retailer.

Bubbling Under

As a footnote, allow me to say, I hope that you've been enjoying David Bowie's version of Volare, taken from the Absolute Beginners soundtrack. He appears to have had so much fun recording that, that we here at the station have decided to continue it's regular rotation, as sales of Bowie's music continues to rise post mortem. 

Thanks for listening.

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