Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Top Ten - week ending 30 January 2016

Welcome fellow loungers! 

As we come to the end of what is probably the coldest month of the year, we revel in the thought that Spring draws that much nearer. All of you in the Northern Hemispheres hang in there a little bit longer.

OK....well, Saturday is once again upon us. A time not only for household chores perhaps, but also a time for relaxing and recharging the emotional batteries, aided by the laidback sounds of chill out and smooth and soft jazz....and why not tune into This is Lounge as the soundtrack to your housecleaning?

Artists such as Michael e, Peter Pearson, and Clive Button create a soundtrack that takes us all on an escape from the harsh realities that stress out our daily lives. They repair the psychological imbalance of well-being, damaged by news of war and strife around the world. This is Lounge is doing it's small part in spreading the sounds of these artists in an attempt to influence your lives. We encourage the support of these artists.  Most of them (and myself included) are working "day jobs" to support their creative outlet. They are not rock stars earning millions. This genre is finding a small, but growing, audience as the need for stress relief grows. Please continue to support them by downloading through iTunes, Amazon, etc., and together we can do our little part in making our lives a little better.

Mmmm, thanks for allowing me that bit of introspection. Now, on to this week's chart.

Big news! Christophe Goze has maintained his number one position this week, as we all have taken a liking to the uplifting sounds of The Nightfly.  latest Jill Barber's cover of the 60's pop song, Sukiyaki, slides into number two, while Toronto guitarist, Rob Tardik, stays put at number three and completes the trifecta. 

Aforementioned Michael e continues to move up with a track from his album, From Within. He moves into number five. After sneaking into the Top Ten last week, Pieces of A Dream bumps up a couple of spots, as interest in their love song, Dream On, continues to grow.

Finally, making the leap from Bubbling Under this week, the duet of Diana Krall and Sarah McLachlan cover of a classic Gordon Lightfoot tune, and it makes the leap to number ten.

Of course, speaking of Bubbling Under, we saw a short new track sneak into the playlist from alternative/ambient/trip hop artist, Tricky. Released this week, Skilled Mechanics continues down a dark and disquieting path. Unreal is a richly coloured and introspective (dare I say menacing?) song, and felt by us here at the station to be a very creative addition to the playlist. I hope you enjoy it.

Bubbling Under

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