Friday, January 1, 2016

The Warheads Last Minute Year-end Releases

As the rest of us prepared for our New Year's Eve celebrations, that wondrous collective known as The Warheads were busy compiling their top 50 faves, as well as releasing some new music to iTunes - the first time in years on the Canadian iTunes, anyway.

Included on their Top Tracks of 2015, are Indara, Fiel, My Dinner with Frida, and Refrain 1959. These, plus two others were just released on iTunes over the past few days.

Listening to the Top Tracks, one is amazed at the consistent creative quality of their work. From chillout to smoky jazz, I could easily program every song in the list.

So, as a New Years treat, treat yourself to a few new songs. Of course, at least one of these should be sneaking onto the TIL playlist very soon.

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